La Valdera

Gently sloping hills, streams and brooks, small medieval hamlets, never changing with time:
this is the Valdera, an uncontaminated area, where old Tuscan traditions still live on.


A jewel set in amongst the Pisa hills, it was once one of the most powerful Etruscan settlements. The Piazza dei Priori, with its Palazzo dei Priori, Palazzo Pretorio and the Torre del Porcellino are all musts, well-worth visiting. It is also famous for its characteristic alabaster production.

The Pisan Hills

Terricciola, a small country town famous for its wine production, stands among the vineyards of the Pisa hills. The Badia di Morrona, a monastery dating back to the year 1000 and now a wine farm, should also be visited.

Lari, a little fortified town, is home to one of the loveliest castles in the area, that of the Priori. It is also well known for its cherries.

Casciana Terme

Nowadays a renowned spa, it was famous as far back as 500 B.C. for its therapeutic waters.


Suggestivo il centro storico con il Duomo, il Palazzo Pretorio e la Torre dell’Orologio.
È la patria della Vespa; da non perdere il Museo Piaggio.